Shorebase Dispatchers for Offshore Drilling

Vuillemont and Associates LLC


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We have full support and turn key dispatchers available for your needs. Our personnel are knowledgeable in all aspects of Drilling and Completions jobs, Casing, Drilling Fluids, and Cement prognosis. We work closely with the Onboard Supervisors to effectively maintain and monitor the movement of all equipment and related tools to and from the Drilling rigs and Production installations.

At Vuillemont and Associates LLC we have established good working relationships with many of the service companies throughout the years as to better serve our clients.

At the Shorebases our dispatchers are equipped with lap top computers, fax machines and printers, hand held VHF radios, and all the necessary office equipment and supplies for "Start up" operations.

We look forward to serving your company in the future.